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Launch of the SA YCAP

The wait is finally over! Young people between the ages of 13-30, from all across South Africa and representing over 200 organisations, schools, university groups, and communities have been working since 2020 to develop the first ever South African Youth Climate Action Plan (SA YCAP). The hope for the SA YCAP is that it can serve as a guide for youth, decision-makers, civil society, business, academia, and other stakeholders.

Now, the document has come into fruition and is fully available to the public online. It was also formally handed over to officials from the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, and the Presidential Climate Commission in a special hybrid launch event that took place on 1 October 2021 in person at Freedom Park, Pretoria and virtually on zoom.

This youth-driven process has united young people to consolidate their ideas into a unique document that will eventually be released in other South African languages. In the coming months SA YCAP youth leaders are also planning the launch of a new website to ensure that the document is regularly updated and to develop an implementation plan and highlight ways that young people and decision-makers alike can be part of creating a more sustainable, just, and equitable future for all.

Our country needs you! When you're ready to make a difference, download the document and take action to ensure we are all preserving the one Earth that we all share.


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